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Robin Hood

The story of Robin Hood, the most popular English folk — hero of all times, has reached every corner of the Earth. There are many versions of this well — known tale which is about 600 years old. Everybody knows Robin’s friends (Litlle John, Brother Tuck, Will Scarlet) , and the famous Sherwood forest  - Robin Hood’s home and the place where many of his adventures took place . In other countries there are similar stories, such as William Tell in Switzerland , El Cid in Spain, but only Robin Hood has become and international hero.

Unfortunately , there  is almost no evidence that Robin Hood really existed. Thirteenth — century ballads, fourteenth -century chronicles , a sixteenth-century History of Great Britain , all talk about Robin Hood.

However, none of them tells us about the sources they used. In the 1800s, and 1900th, historians found two Robin Hoods who lived in the fourteenth century. One of them was even King Edward II“s servant. Later on, other historians found several different Hoods living in different parts of England — Robin was a popular Christian name and Hood was a fairly common surname. It seems that by 1337, the story of Robin Hood was well established. Most probably , he lived around the year 1200.

Today, the legend of Robin Hood has turned Nottinghamshire into a large tourist attraction. In the centre of Nottingham there is a Nottingham Castle. Parts of it still recall the time of Robin Hood. Sherwood forest has an excellent visitor’s centre with an attractive display and shop, and some very pleasant walks in the nearby forest.

Edwinstowe church , in which, according to tadition, Robin Hood and Lady Marion were married, is one of the visitors“ favourite sites. (WORLD OF ENGLISH)


  1. The story of Robin Hood had been known for

  2. Robin Hood became

  3. In the 1800s and 1900s, historians found ___ Robin Hoods, who lived in the ____

  4. The legend of Robin Hood turned ______ into a large tourist attractions

  5. Most probably, Robin Hood lived around the year

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